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CMDBuild has native mechanisms to model the database, to design workfows, to configure reports and dashboards, to build connectors with external systems, to geo-refer assets and in general to administer the system.

Inside this demo, you can test the main features of CMDBuild, browsing through both these areas:

  • The ADMINISTRATION AREA, to configure the application
  • The MANAGEMENT AREA, to use the application

Please consider that this demo contains only a simple workflow and a minimal Datamodel, which will be restored daily.

You can access the CMDBuild READY2USE DEMO to view the pre-configured solution for the IT Management.

See CMDBuild features and compare to READY2USE configuration.

Logo ready to use

CMDBuild READY2USE is an integrated solution that lets you manage in one single system all IT assets and services. It follows and is inspired by the ITIL “best practices”.

Inside this demo, you can test the main features of CMDBuild READY2USE, browsing through the MANAGEMENT AREA.

You can access the CMDBuild DEMO to view the ADMINISTRATION AREA as well.

This demo contains a preconfigured Datamodel for the IT asset management, some workflows ITIL compliant, reports and dashboards.

Please note that in this demo the Self-Service Portal and the Connectors (other important features of the solution) are not available.

For your information, the demo will be restored daily.

See READY2USE functionalities and compare to CMDBuild features.


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